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Founded in 1946 Caio is a sixty one year old ISO 9001-2000 registered, full line bus body manufacturer located in São Paulo, Brazil. Currently the leading manufacturer of commercial bus bodies in Brazil, Caio will produce in excess of seven thousand (7,000) units in 2007 making Caio the largest single producer of buses in the free world today.

In 2001 Caio was acquired by the Ruas Group forming Caio Induscar. The acquisition added significant economic value to the Ruas Group operation through vertical integration while ensuring long term growth opportunities. The family owned Ruas Group has been both public and private transportation specialists since 1962. They have successfully built and currently operate a single independent fleet of over four thousand five (4,500) hundred buses in the state of São Paulo. The addition of the high quality bus body manufacturer was a perfect addition for both the growing fleet as well as the five (5) automotive and commercial Mercedes dealerships that the Ruas Group owns and operates that supports the massive fleet.

Since Caio’s acquisition by the Ruas group, Caio has expanded its international markets and grown export sales and production from seventy four (74) units in 2001 to over fifteen hundred (1,500) units in 2006. As part of Caio Induscar’s Global expansion it has established an assembly operation just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa to support growth and export to Africa as well as partnered with Caio North America, LLC, a Georgia based Company, for the purpose of overseeing and managing the activities required for successfully distributing commercial buses produced exclusively by Caio Induscar and developing the North American market.

Caio North America is well on its way to its goal of strategically introducing a series of high quality, price competitive, commercial buses through a network of highly respected tier one North American bus dealers which will provide the North American market with a full line of affordable high quality value added transportation solutions supported by an unparalleled parts and service network.

Solid relationships with both domestic and multinational companies such as Freightliner Custom Chassis, Mercedes Benz Chassis, Carrier Corp, Recaro and REI have made the North American product homologation process virtually seamless for Caio. These relationships have enabled Caio products which are highly successful throughout the world to be offered to North American operators.

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